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What are the factors that contribute to kidney failure?

2017-06-18 14:57

The incidence of renal failure is not low in recent years. What are the factors that contribute to renal failure? How much do you know about kidney failure? Renal failure is a common disease in surgical treatment. Renal failure can be divided into acute and chronic diseases! Renal insufficiency of blood supply, the damage caused by poison will cause kidney failure, kidney failure is divided into multiple periods, oliguria and polyuria. Below, we come to understand what causes kidney failure:

A: pay attention to the change of urine

The urine form is one of the most waste kidney function pointer, in all by the kidneys filter after discharge from the urine, the urine should always observe the color (normal light yellow or dark yellow) is helpful for early detection and early treatment.

Two: light diet, avoid excessive use of supplements

With the vigorous development of economy, people's life quality is increased, people's pursuit of food are increasingly rich, dinners, friends, become the common high-grade supplements dietary behavior, but it also brought a series of side effects such as a lot of people because of excessive nutrition or high fat food caused a series of "precious" disease such as gout: sugar, such as diabetes and hypertension of the three diseases are caused by different degree of damage to the kidney, and the main cause of this disease is three in the diet, Anhui kidney hospital kidney specialist advice: do not excessive consumption of high protein food, because a large number of protein intake will increase the kidney the burden of kidney damage caused by renal failure.

Three: add water, prevent kidney failure

The growth in the subtropical regions, generally less water, fewer people will appear urinary excretion of urinary tract infection, hyperuricemia or some disease often The new supersedes the old. (such as hypercalcemia hyperparathyroidism sarcoid Cushing syndrome patients with chronic intestinal disease) this kind of people are prone to kidney stones, kidney stones may cause obstruction renal edema, renal failure

Four: regular physical examination against hereditary kidney disease

Kidney tumors occur between forty and seventy years of age, and men with polycystic kidney disease and hereditary kidney disease have a family history of kidney disease. Hypertension, diabetes, and nephritis in childhood can cause chronic kidney failure in many cases. This kind of kidney disease patients should do regular examination, lest the deterioration of the disease for renal failure.

What are the factors that contribute to kidney failure? As you have seen above, what do you know about the factors that contribute to kidney failure?! Hope to help you, here to remind you, and actively treat kidney disease, a reasonable diet to help prevent kidney failure, if the body has any discomfort, should immediately go to the hospital for treatment, so as not to delay the disease! Wish you health.

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