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Kidney Failure
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How to treat kidney disease?

2017-08-10 17:40

The key point for the treatment of kidney disease is to eliminate toxins in blood. Only have various toxins deposited in blood been cleared out, oxidative stress response occurred in cells will be restrained, then cells will not produce abnormal protein and injurious factors. Immune complex and alexin will not produce when the immune reaction has stopped as a result of the elimination of the abnormal protein and injurious factors. With the decline of toxin in blood, the stimulate damaged the kidney inherent cells will disappear, then the damage occurred in kidney will stop. As a result, kidney function will be repaired step by step.

Nowadays, the question is there is no effective way or applicable medicine to clear out the toxin in blood. The traditional method or medicine, doctors still use now, are not enough to solve this problem, but the new technology doesn’t appear in the world. Most of doctors are in a confused condition. They have no opinion to make progress or don’t know how to treat it. Sometimes they even gives the wrong therapeutic method or injurious medicine due to the incorrect diagnosis. All these above will cause severe losses for the patients.

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