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What should diet notice in patients with renal failure?

2017-06-18 15:12

Kidney failure is becoming more and more common today. I believe we are all familiar with the condition of renal failure. Chronic renal failure is the main cause of chronic renal disease. As time goes on and the disease develops, the function of the kidney decreases gradually, resulting in the occurrence of renal failure. The pathological state of renal function renal failure is also part of a variety of chronic kidney disease caused by the development of late or complete loss. So what should people notice if they suffer from kidney failure? Believe that this is also a lot of patients would like to know. Now let's find out:

1, renal failure patients should avoid hard food, soft food and fried food. Patients with renal failure due to toxins in the body and cause retention of blood microcirculation caused by gastrointestinal mucosa often showed hyperemia and erosions, if eating hard foods, fried foods such as sugar, fried sesame cake doughnuts, often cause food in the stomach through the blood vessels and cause bleeding. As a result of chronic renal failure, late renal failure and poison patients, there is an obstacle to coagulation, and it is difficult to cause death after bleeding.

2, patients with renal failure diet should be light, avoid spicy spicy food. Renal failure, renal failure, sepsis patients often show gastrointestinal mucosal hyperemia, erosion, such as eating chili, liquor and other excitant food, often aggravate gastrointestinal mucosal erosion, leading to bleeding gastric vascular intima.

3, patients with renal failure, eating dogs, sheep, cattle and other meat products need to be cautious. Chinese medicine, dog meat, mutton and beef as volatiles, easy cause disease recurrence or aggravation of kidney patients, did see systemic lupus erythematosus nephritis patients with renal failure or caused by eating beef and mutton after illness and death cases of clinical phase, whether the coincidence remains to be further observed, but still in patients with chronic renal failure do not eat meat products such as well.

Patients with kidney stones diet should pay attention to what you see above the diet of patients with renal failure, what should be understood! In addition, remind everyone, got kidney failure, diet care is important, but when the condition still does not improve, patients must go to regular hospital treatment, must be treated in time, so as not to delay the disease! Finally, I wish the patient a speedy recovery.

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