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How does hypertensive nephrosis patient eat?

2017-07-12 14:30

Hypertensive nephropathy in recent years the incidence of a disease is a disease of relatively high, its harm is very large, it will cause great distress to the patient's life and work, patients should be timely treatment, but also from the diet to control, so as to avoid unnecessary trouble, then, hypertensive nephropathy patients how to eat? Let us look at the following.

How does hypertensive nephrosis eat? Have the following?:

Change eating habits: should be under the guidance of the doctor to analyze their diet, change bad eating habits, restrictions on certain foods, so as to meet the nutritional requirements, improve the quality of life.

Control the supply of heat: the right amount of heat should be determined by the patient's condition, usually based on the ideal weight. Because these patients often have lipid metabolism disorders, reducing fat intake can not only help control calories, but also improve metabolic disorders.

Diet: low salt, high vitamin diet: Patients with hypertension, kidney disease should control the intake of salt, avoid salt foods; preservatives should also eat less food. Adequate intake of vitamins, especially B vitamins, is beneficial to regulating metabolism in the body, and vitamin supplements may be taken when necessary.

Appropriate amount of tea: tea polyphenols play an important role in human body fat metabolism. It can clear away heat, detoxify, diminish inflammation, sterilize and soften blood vessels.

Protein is essential nutrients, but if the protein intake is too high, it will increase the burden on the kidneys, kidney damage; if inadequate intake, it will affect the body's nutritional supply. Therefore, the patient should be based on renal function determines protein intake: no obvious impairment of renal function, protein intake control in 50g daily; if the blood creatinine and urea nitrogen was significantly abnormal, protein intake should be reduced to 20 to 40g daily.

Hypertensive nephropathy patients limit salt intake: daily should be gradually reduced to less than 6G, that is, ordinary beer cap after removing the pad, a flat cover of salt, about 6g. This amount refers to the amount of salt, including the salt used in cooking and the amount of sodium contained in other foods, which is converted into salt. A proper reduction in sodium intake can help lower blood pressure and reduce sodium and water retention in the body.

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