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Kidney Failure Diet
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Four Fruits are Good for Kidney.

2017-07-17 15:47

1. Fragrant pear

It can promote the production of body fluid and nourish the lung,stop the cough phlegm and heat purging fire.For kidney patients,it can protect the kidney,but patients with diarrhea can not take it.


It is the fruit for kidney,can tonify the kidney,nourish the live and strong the waist part.It is quite suitable for patients with kidney weakness and waist pain.


Strawberries are called alive vitamin pills, as there are many active factors in it. It has a big health care for our kidney.In addition,it also has many nutrients that are very good and can enhance the immune system.


Cherry is rich in iron, which can enrich the blood and reduce the pain of menstrual period for women.For men, it can protect their kidneys, reach kidney and Yin nourishing.

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