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Kidney Failure Diet
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Dietary considerations for renal failure patients?

2017-06-15 14:24

"The reason we are Out of the mouth comes evil. Disease enters by the mouth." hear the ear, pay attention to diet and diet, people always remind each other, but most of the time, that is one thing to do is another thing, you do not pay attention to diet, disease will find the door. Nowadays, the incidence of renal failure is getting higher and higher. What are the diet notes for patients with renal failure, which is believed to be the most concern of many patients. Here we come to understand the relevant knowledge.

1. Low protein diet

To high quality protein mainly: first of all, often use wheat starch as the main source of heat. Cornstarch and potato starch can also be used instead of rice and flour. Secondly, it is also possible that...

With the high calorie, low protein food as the main source of energy, such as potatoes, yams, taro, sweet potato, pumpkin, lotus root, fans, water chestnuts, lotus root starch, water chestnut powder, water chestnut powder etc.. Foods containing nonessential amino acids should be restricted, such as dried beans, soy products, hard nuts and cereals.

2, low salt, low sodium

Chronic kidney failure patients with hypertension and edema should limit sodium salts and sodium rich foods and, if necessary, use a salt free diet. Sodium salt should not be used when using diuretics or accompanied by vomiting or diarrhea.

3, chronic renal failure, high potassium

Foods containing potassium should be restricted, and fruit juices should be avoided, and vegetables and fruits should be carefully chosen.

4, provide high calcium and low phosphorus diet

In some patients with chronic renal failure, there may be an increase in serum phosphorus and a decrease in serum calcium, which, therefore, leads to osteoporosis. The ideal diet should increase calcium content and reduce phosphorus content. Calcium rich foods include milk, green leafy vegetables, sesame etc.. Cooking fish and meat, boil fish out with water, then stir fried, can reduce the phosphorus content of fish and meat.

5. Keep the balance of water

The balance of water in patients with chronic renal failure is very important. Must be under the guidance of doctors, liquid supplement, to prevent excessive intake of water, to the discharge of obstacles, and swelling.

The above is about kidney failure diet notice, and I hope to help you. Good eating habits is the prevention of disease and illness, Invisible Helpers, reasonable diet health care on the rehabilitation of the disease, can play a multiplier effect, the method of renal failure patients may wish to adopt the above introduction, we sincerely hope that all patients have a speedy recovery.

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