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How to psychological counseling for diabetic nephropathy patients?

2017-07-04 15:43

People with diabetic nephropathy are more serious than the average diabetic patient, and these stresses can seriously affect the lives of patients with diabetes. This disease is very difficult to cure in medicine, so many patients will have a lot of psychological fear, which is very harmful to the treatment effect. Now, let's talk about how to conduct psychological counseling for patients.

(1) comfort the patient, encourage the patient to speak out the feeling in the heart, in order to dispel the nervous emotion, keep the thought optimistic, the emotion is steady.

(2) the initiative to introduce the environment and patients with ward patients, eliminate the patient's strange and nervous.

(3) patient and explain the illness to the patient, make the patient aware of diabetes currently can't cure, if poor control can lead to diabetic nephropathy, diabetic nephropathy should be treated in strict accordance with the diabetes diet, but also pay attention to the changes of renal function, most can be controlled by treatment of diabetic nephropathy.

(4) explain the benefits of using insulin to patients and reduce the blood sugar through the use of insulin, which is beneficial to the recovery of kidney disease.

(5) increase the number of visits to the patients, when necessary to stay accompanied by family members, through the good idea of communication, reduce the patient's mental pressure, is conducive to the recovery.

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