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Several misunderstandings in the treatment of diabetic nephropathy

2017-07-04 15:46

Many people around here are diabetic nephropathy patients. Generally speaking, people think that diabetic nephropathy is easy to recover. They will get confused with diabetes and diabetic nephropathy, it plays a key role in the treatment of the event, confusion, may cause irreparable tragedy, let's take a look at a few misunderstandings.

Myth 1: if you have normal kidney function, you won't get diabetic nephropathy

The terrible thing about diabetic nephropathy is that it attacks your kidneys without knowing it. Diabetic nephropathy has a long course of disease, urine routine examination has been found proteinuria, or even a large number of proteinuria, the patient may be systemic edema.

Myth two: diabetic nephropathy is a complication that occurs only after many years of diabetes

Diabetic nephropathy can occur early in the disease and can be diagnosed and treated at an early stage. From the point of view of its pathogenesis, diabetic nephropathy is mainly caused by hyperglycemia caused by microvascular damage of the kidneys. At this point, the disease has not completely affected the large vessels, so the patient may not have any symptoms.

Misunderstanding three: as long as the control of blood glucose in diabetic nephropathy on the line

Although glycemic control is recognized as the first line of defense for the prevention and treatment of diabetic nephropathy. However, there are still many causes and mechanisms of diabetic nephropathy, and controlling the following links is equally important.

Misunderstanding four: diabetic nephropathy without specific drugs, treatment without treatment will become uremia

Diabetes itself is not terrible, terrible complications, especially chronic complications. Speaking of diabetic nephropathy, many people believe that no treatment will become uremia. In fact, if the early prevention, early treatment, early detection and early treatment, can prevent and slow down the diabetic nephropathy to uremia clock.

Misunderstanding five: diabetic nephropathy is hypoglycemic drugs to eat out or insulin out

For long-term use of hypoglycemic agents or insulin, in fact, diabetic nephropathy is the development of diabetes itself. The most important cause of diabetic nephropathy is hyperglycemia, while stabilizing blood sugar is the premise and key to the treatment of diabetic nephropathy.

Misunderstanding six: diabetic nephropathy dialysis as late as possible

Diabetic nephropathy patients often accompanied by other chronic complications of diabetes, so the symptoms of uremia in them often performs better than other patients early and severe, and dialysis (whether hemodialysis or peritoneal dialysis) can clear

Eliminating toxins, alleviating symptoms, and dramatically improving metabolic abnormalities can also reduce the risk of dying from cardiovascular complications in the short term. Existing medical studies have shown that early dialysis is longer than late dialysis.

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