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What are the main symptoms of diabetic nephropathy?

2017-07-07 15:02

Disease always happens suddenly, and when the disease happens, we don't know what the symptoms are. Like now the emergence of diabetic nephropathy, I think many friends now for its symptoms are not so clear, so here is to say what are the main symptoms of diabetic nephropathy?.

What are the main symptoms of diabetic nephropathy?:

1, high blood pressure and can not fall down, is one of the symptoms of diabetic nephropathy. When diabetic nephropathy is found, do not rush to use it. Due to the contraction of blood vessels in the kidney to produce aldosterone substances, so when kidney disease, aldosterone increase will cause patients with intractable hypertension, this situation often appears in diabetic nephropathy patients with renal failure.

2, stomach discomfort, may also be an early sign of diabetic nephropathy. Stomach discomfort is not always a stomach problem, it can be kidney disease. When chronic renal failure occurs, due to the reduction of erythropoietin produced by the kidneys, the symptoms of diabetic nephropathy can also produce anemia which is difficult to correct by any blood medicine. At the same time, after the failure of the kidney, the body's toxins can not be effectively removed, can cause uremic gastroenteritis, diabetic nephropathy can be manifested as stomach upset, nausea. At this point, it is easy to make mistakes, but only to check the liver function, gastroscopy, it is difficult to remember the kidney function.

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