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What are the manifestations of diabetic nephropathy?

2017-07-07 15:04

Now you may always think the disease does not appear in his own body, but always when the disease did not know he has been suffering from the disease, that is because our knowledge about the disease is not so clear. Just like the emergence of diabetic nephropathy, there are many friends who don't know it so well, so here's what the diabetic nephropathy looks like.

What are the manifestations of diabetic nephropathy?:

1, is a symptom of edema with diabetic nephropathy, about half of the patients may be caused due to edema, hypoproteinemia caused by the loss of a large number of proteins in the urine, but older, caused by other causes of edema is more also, about 20% of the patients with diabetic nephropathy.

2, diabetic nephropathy patients will also have increased nocturia appear, normal people during the day urine volume more than the night urine volume, renal tubule damage, the concentration function decline, appear night urine and urine volume increase. These diabetic nephropathy symptoms are more common.

3, proteinuria, diabetic nephropathy initial symptoms, the first sign. When persistent proteinuria occurs, the glomerular filtration rate begins to decrease. With the development of the disease, the amount of urine protein increased gradually, and the urinary protein content was consistent with the severity of kidney disease. This is also one of the symptoms of diabetic nephropathy.

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