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How should double kidney failure treat innovation technology to treat double kidney failure?

2017-06-08 09:52

The patient after double renal failure, caused by the problem is relatively large, in the treatment of double renal failure, with the development of the science and technology, medical level is also rising, bring very great help to patients. Through innovative technology, it can be beneficial to the treatment of double renal failure. Today Xiao Bian here introduces the innovative technology for the treatment of double renal failure.

To make double kidney failure to adopt the new technology method is mainly through the combination of Chinese and Western medicine treatment, Chinese medicine can pass as a basic theory for the treatment of kidney disease, the treatment effect is relatively good, mainly with the patient's condition to the differentiation of scientific methods, treatment in clinic. The work is carried out smoothly.

In clinical practice, through the intervention of high frequency technology is mainly through the high frequency magnetic field energy to kidney tissue absorption, to change the kidney microcirculation and local metabolism, decrease of serum creatinine and urea nitrogen effect; ultra low frequency pulse technology, can effectively improve renal tissue ischemia and hypoxia, to repair the damaged kidney cell.

That is the failure process with the theory of traditional Chinese medicine as the basis, and then combined with traditional Chinese medicine for the treatment of relying on the carrier, the treatment equipment as a supplement, to achieve a green treatment plan, eight millimeter wave technology can stimulate the body's cells, promote cell activation and regeneration, improve the patients immune no, there are still some of the advantages of Chinese medicine treatment.

What we have said is the treatment of renal failure, because in the continuous development of science and technology and the progress of the state, the new medical technology has been introduced for the treatment of double renal failure is also in constant innovation, hoping to launch more new technology, to achieve effective treatment measures for more patients can get rid of the disease problems, make people's body more healthy.

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