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These bad habits are quietly eroding your kidneys

2017-06-09 14:02

  These bad habits are quietly eroding your kidneys

  Since there are no signs of early nephropathy, it is often overlooked. Therefore, people call kidney disease "silent killer"". Visible, its lethality is how powerful, in invisible harm your health.

  Among them, early in the kidney, as long as you look carefully, you can also find traces of it. For example, loss of appetite, fatigue, swelling in the morning eyelids, urine foam, etc., these signals are prompted you, your "kidney" has been a problem, should be timely to check and treatment.

  Many people want to know how to prevent kidney disease in life How do you kill kidney disease in the bud? Now let's see what factors can lead to kidney disease.

  I. bacteria and viruses

  From the size of view, bacteria and viruses in the human body is "42 pounds", will make people cold and affects the working efficiency; effect of bacteria and viruses in the renal unit is half a catty of 82, then both the result of PK is more than the kidney "workers" cold so simple, there may be after the destruction of permanently lost the ability to work, thereby affecting the entire kidney "factory" future work efficiency.

  Two, food

  Living standards continue to improve, disrupting our original diet structure, more and more poultry and fish on the table, less and less cereals. You know, while our mouths are enjoying the delicious food, our kidneys are experiencing the havoc of overload work When the elevated levels in the blood sugar, fat, protein, kidney will work under more load, "workers" also have kidney fatigue limit, who do not know what time will be "overwhelmed" the kidney last "delicacy", so for the sake of your health should be put to kidney the holiday. Toxic food additives for kidney "workers", in recent years most of these toxic substances It is often seen., will make the kidney "workers" permanently lose their ability to work, so that the kidney appeared irreversible damage, "uremia". Pesticide residues in vegetables are relatively good if removed for a long time. This is another advantage of eating vegetables.

  Three, drug

  Most of the drugs in the medicine are detoxified by the liver and excreted by the kidneys. Therefore, the kidney and liver, as the body poisoning susceptible organs, vulnerable to damage. Commonly used drugs can cause kidney damage with antibiotics and other chemical drugs, non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, antiepileptic drugs, chemotherapeutic drugs, all kinds of contrast, metal and adhesive. Therefore, in the treatment of disease, but also be careful of the kidneys "workers" poisoning. In the treatment of diseases, the most headache for doctors is the patients with liver and kidney problems.

  Four, allergy elements and radioactive substances

  These factors can also encroach on the kidney function. From the theory of TCM, the cause of kidney disease has two aspects: internal cause and external cause. The internal causes are three: one for kidney yin and Yang Qi imbalance, lead to kidney dysfunction; second "chronic illness and kidney disease to kidney, involving other organs, is the so-called" gates of fire, adverse impacts; three for internal emotion, "fear of renal injury, fear of the gas, Gushe kidney dysfunction. The external intrusion must be based on internal imbalance, namely "canon" and said "what evil cou, the gas will be empty, that is evil since it can be intrusive, must be the body of righteousness has shortcomings, that is Qi deficiency. For this reason, internal disorder is the main cause of kidney disease.

  Five, insufficient drinking water

  At this point, many people find it strange. But you see, water is the source of life, and the human body is actually a body of water. In traditional Chinese medicine, "kidney is dirty," so kidney often appears because of insufficient drinking water. The famous theory of Yin nourishing school says that Yin is often insufficient and Yang is often superabundant, and the symptoms of yin deficiency and Yang Yang resulting from lack of water in the early stage of kidney disease are often present. Therefore, we should not neglect the inducing effect of insufficient drinking water on kidney disease.

  From this you can see that the kidney is very fragile, and you must pay more attention to protect your kidney in your life.

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