Why is the value of creatinine high?

  The reason of high creatinine value

  There are two sources of creatinine in blood. namely: exogenous and endogenous two kinds, exogenous creatinine is meat food after metabolism in vivo product; endogenous creatinine is the product of muscle tissue metabolism in vivo. When meat intake is stable, the body's muscle metabolism does not change significantly, and the production of creatinine is more constant.


Why is the value of creatinine high?


  Creatinine is high when synthetic creatinine increases or kidney function is impaired. Increased creatinine is caused by kidney damage. The human kidney intrinsic cells have the function of discharging metabolite, when it is damaged, glomerular filtration barrier is destroyed, gradually from damage to scar, so the metabolites such as creatinine, urea nitrogen and uric acid can not be expelled from the body, but accumulate in the body, the presence of blood creatinine is high.

  The harm of creatinine is not that creatinine is toxic, but creatinine is non-toxic, but the harm of creatinine to the organs of human body.

  How to treat creatinine high

  For the treatment of creatinine is not a simple use of reduced creatinine drugs, such as creatinine tablets, such as intestinal detoxification drugs can quickly reduce creatinine, but after all, only artificial detoxification, can not replace the function of the kidneys, can not be damaged by the repair of the kidneys, treatment should also be damaged on the basement membrane to start, clear immune complex, repair lesions tissue.