Advantages of Detoxification Therapy

  This therapy is an effective treatment method which is created and perfected by nearly one hundred Chinese medicine experts on the basis of decades of treatment experience and theory.

  The theoretical basis of detoxification therapy is:

  The root cause of chronic kidney disease is polluted blood. All the symptoms of kidney disease are due to different levels of blood pollution.

  For this, experts in our hospital have ever made one conclusion: chronic kidney disease actually is a special blood disease. Therefore, the trick to treat chronic kidney disease is to be able to effectively detect and eliminate toxins in blood.


Advantages of Detoxification Therapy


  As long as toxins in blood can be removed effectively through an effective treatment method or a drug, which will help to keep blood clean and ensure the normal function of our blood, chronic kidney disease will be cured or alleviated from root.

  1. No harm to kidneys.The therapy is mainly to restore the human body's self-detoxification ability, rather than “combating poison with poison”.So it does not harm kidneys. The detoxification process is mainly by restoring the cell's own detoxification function.

  2. Fast response.The therapy targets medicines to right point so as to achieve quick effects. The method is to get the drug directly to the renal lesion through the drug administration of kidney channel tropism and specific acupoint.

  3. No relapse.The main reason is that the detoxification is thorough, so there is no relapse. Once toxins inside and outside cells are cleaned up, the cause of relapse can be eliminated.